Client: directFX Solutions (DFX)

Category: Branding / Copyrighting / Design & Layout / Print

Description: As it shall be with the majority, the fastest method of getting a company project completed is to outsource. Co-Create Marketing Strategies was fortunate to co-create with the DFX team on their customized resourceful brochure, with multiple digital and traditional embellishments from die-cutting, digital special effects, sales rep personalization, and unique fold-outs.

Maximizing every space yet designing with a rhythm and pops of white space in just the right areas, the one of a kind brochure, showcases every product and service DFX offers. It is a delightful read which is captivating from cover to cover. This brochure establishes a gold standard level of expectations for clients. And there is no doubt the direcFX team will deliver as they always do!

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