Kristen Youngblood

Creative Director


Kristen is an incredibly talented graphic designer with a bubbly and vibrant personality. The print management expertise she has adds to her value when it comes to setting up files for nearly any output format. Her experience in creating meaningful marketing collateral for print, digital, and packaging will amaze you.
As a direct report, I most admired her attitude to go above and beyond. If there was an element to be created that she didn’t know how to build (first video project), she learned how to complete it with exceeding expectations. Kristen is an excellent team player!
Kristen looks for a path forward and is dependable. What makes her a unicorn employee is her ratio of speed and accuracy! Wired to performance, she will outperform nearly everyone on a team yet because of her sweetness, everyone can’t help but adore her.
As if this is not enough to make any employer shine, she will melt your heart with her kindness and smiles!


Adobe Creative Cloud
Art Direction
Coding Skill
Web & Mobile


Phone: 662-856-3012

Email: [email protected]